Driving the Future with Clean Diesel

The nation added over 300,000 new clean diesel vehicles across the country in 2015.

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After the storm

Powerful diesel equipment and machines quickly and safety restore neighborhoods and communities when disaster strikes.

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Great Taste! Fewer Emissions?

Consider the benefits of clean diesel technology as you fire up the grill this summer.

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  • Policy Insider | 06/23/16

    Forum’s U.S. “Radio Tour” Highlights Clean Diesel Technology

    The Forum launched a national radio tour to discuss the advancements of clean diesel technology and influx of clean diesel vehicles around the country.

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  • Policy Insider | 06/22/16

    The Hidden Engineering Marvel Behind the Panama Canal

    The Panama Canal and U.S. East Coast ports invested to process increased trade flow, so has the prime technology used to move all this freight–diesel.

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  • Kudos to #SEPTA for #cleanair efforts in adding up to 550 new clean diesel electric hybrid buses to their fleet https://t.co/gqXysSvohn

    Diesel Technology Forum Via Twitter

    @DieselTechForum 06/21/16

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  • See how CASE improved speed, productivity and efficiency with the CX210D excavator https://t.co/HmKhaafsHM

    CASE Via Twitter

    @CaseCE 06/20/16

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  • Engines move trucks. Trucks move our economy. We're proud to be part of the #NationOfMakers who drive that movement. https://t.co/RVvDJzNiQZ

    Detroit Via Twitter

    @DemandDetroit 06/20/16

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  • 06/16/16 VIA FACEBOOK

    Delphi's testing with 48V mild hybrid systems has achieved most of the fuel economy and environmental advantages of full hybrids at a fraction of the cost.

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