About Us

Since its inception more than 125 years ago, diesel technology has evolved to meet the demands of a rapidly growing and changing world.

Diesel is the most energy-efficient internal combustion engine and well-established as the prime mover for many key sectors of our global economy.

Diesel is the technology of choice thanks to its unique combination of attributes for:

How, Where and Why Diesel Fits Into the Future

Diesel fits into the future because of its continuous improvement, energy efficiency, and low emissions. Diesel is a key part of our sustainable energy future because of its superior performance and suitability for a wide array of low carbon renewable fuels. Diesel fits anywhere reliable, efficient, and low-emissions power is required. Diesel fits into the future because there will always be a situation, an application, a use, or demand for which a “new fuel or technology” might not be able to get the job done without a significant compromise or risk. Operators of commercial trucks, construction, farm, power generation, and other heavy-duty equipment, as well as larger SUVs and pickup trucks, rely on diesel. Diesel fits into the future because no other technology can match its combination of features and performance. Diesel delivers just what we need when we need it: efficient and near-zero emissions power. It enables progress for people as well as global economies. Diesel will help communities meet sustainability and climate resilience goals with reliable power and technology solutions.   

The Forum

Founded on the principles of fact-based education, outreach and collaboration with all stakeholders, the Diesel Technology Forum is dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the benefits of advanced diesel technology as well as how, where, and why it works in the future.

The Forum brings together a broad range of diesel stakeholders including diesel users, public and environmental interest groups, as well as government officials to encourage the exchange of information and ideas about the use of diesel technology.

Members of the Forum are recognized leaders in advanced diesel engines, equipment, renewable and petroleum fuels, as well as key components.

We’re Hiring: DTF seeks an industry professional with experience in the emissions, energy, and environmental policy fields. Help us educate and debate the issues surrounding climate and clean air policy as well as the role of diesel, other internal combustion engines, and cleaner fuels. To learn more about this flexible opportunity, email us dtf@dieselforum.org  

About the Forum

  • Founded in 2000
  • Headquartered in Metropolitan Washington, DC

The Forum’s Programs

  • Educational Activities
  • Technical and policy research
  • Technology demonstrations
  • Outreach to policymakers and stakeholders
About Us

The Forum is a champion of energy conservation and environmental stewardship. It encourages scientific inquiry and discussion. DTF also seeks to contribute to enabling worldwide economic growth through the transformation of diesel technology and positioning it as a key contributor to our sustainable future.

Our Mission

  • To be the leading voice championing the unique value, progress and future potential of diesel fuel and technology;
  • To positively influence public and policymaker opinions regarding diesel technology; and
  • To contribute to the greater awareness and expanded use of clean diesel technology.

Our Vision

  • To champion energy conservation and environmental stewardship;
  • To encourage scientific inquiry and discussion;
  • To enable worldwide economic growth through the transformation of clean diesel technology engines, fuels, & emissions control technology;
  • To move diesel into the mainstream of technology options, positioning it as a sustainable energy technology.