What is Clean Diesel?

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Companies join the Forum to ensure a positive future for diesel technology through a dedicated educational effort aimed at policymakers, the media and current and future customers about the value, and advances in efficiency and innovation for diesel engines and the fuels they use.

Who Are We?

Through education, strategic communications, media advocacy, research, industry engagement, and policymaker outreach, the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) is dedicated to ensuring a viable future for diesel technology in a wide range of global applications. 

DTF is an established organization with recognized credibility with environmental organizations, government regulators, media, and political leaders. The Forum was established to bring together all key stakeholders of the clean diesel system – engines and components, vehicles and equipment, fuels, fluids and emissions control technology. This unified industry voice provides us unique credibility with the media and engagement opportunities with influential stakeholders not found in other organizations. 

DTF is a not-for-profit (IRS 501(c)(6)) organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the benefits of diesel technology to global audiences. 

Who is Eligible to Join?

Membership in the Forum is subject to approval, and is on a corporate basis and is open to qualified engine, vehicle and component manufacturers, fuel refiners and suppliers or manufacturers of emissions control devices and other technologies central to the manufacture, use and operation of diesel engines and equipment.

Why Join?

An active diesel industry voice and rapid response to set the record straight costs money. We need the leaders in the diesel industry - manufacturers and suppliers - to step up, join us and support our efforts here to expand our campaign to take on anti-diesel movements seeking to eliminate diesel from the range of choices for the future. Everyone benefits from the influence of our work on public and policymaker opinions, and the environment we are helping to create for current and future diesel products.

We need your help now to sustain and expand our work of getting the diesel story in front of key global audiences, to push back against anti-diesel and anti-fossil fuel voices, and to position diesel technology as one that is ready and able to compete in the future. 

Contact Us

If you're interested in becoming a member please contact us at membership@dieselforum.org. You may also call 301-668-7230 to learn more about how your company can join us and be a leader in supporting a dedicated, credible voice for the future of diesel power. You're welcome to request a trial period of our exclusive member benefits including timely Policy Insights, Monthly Member Reports, weekly diesel news summaries, and special member only alerts.


For more information on becoming a Diesel Technology Forum member company, including a membership application and a current dues schedule, e-mail membership@dieselforum.org

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