What is Clean Diesel?

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Diesel Powers City Services

Diesel is an essential partner for delivering a wide array of city services including ensuring vital routine and emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because of its efficiency, safety, reliability and performance, diesel is the technology of choice to get the job done, no matter the conditions or circumstances. Continuous improvement of the core technology furthers progress toward nearer-to-zero emissions, integration into hybrid powertrains, and the readiness for low carbon advanced renewable biodiesel fuels ensures its role as a future partner in making cities more sustainable.

Considerations for Diesel in the Alternative Fuel Debate


Diesel Powers the Future, Today

Diesel fuel is the most energy dense transportation fuel.

Diesel has a higher resale value among all technology options.

Diesel generators and fuel can be moved to almost any location.


of transit buses are powered by diesel.


new diesel school buses generate the same emissions as 1 bus from 2002.


of the nation's freight tonnage is moved by diesel.

Diesel can be paired with advanced electrified systems for an even more fuel efficient hybrid.

Only 0.07% of commercial trucks are electric.

Mobile diesel generators can keep fuel flowing to help first responders during a storm.



1 out of 2

retail fuel locations sells diesel.


of commercial trucks are diesel.

Replacing older engines that power a ferry with new clean diesels can remove the same emissions as 48,000 cars.

San Francisco eliminated almost 63,000 tons of CO2 emissions by switching to renewable diesel.

Diesel at Work

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