Code of Conduct


This code of conduct encompasses the work of the Diesel Technology Forum and its members, employees as and business partners and their relationship with the Diesel Technology Forum. Commitment to ethical professional conduct is expected of all members, employees and business partners of the Diesel Technology Forum.

As the nation's leading voice for clean diesel technology, the Diesel Technology Forum represents the leading manufacturers, suppliers and others of diesel technology.

Members can expect that in all aspects of its work that the Diesel Technology Forum will carry out its mission with strict adherence to the law and with a core commitment to the highest ethical standards, codes of conduct and business practices.


To be the leading voice championing the unique value, progress and future potential of diesel fuel and technology;

To positively influence public and policymaker opinions regarding diesel technology; and

To contribute to the greater awareness and expanded use of clean diesel technology.


To champion energy conservation and environmental stewardship;

To encourage scientific inquiry and discussion;

To enable worldwide economic growth through the transformation of clean diesel technology engines, fuels, and emissions control technology; and

To move diesel into the mainstream of technology options, positioning it as a sustainable energy technology.

Code Principles

Abide by Applicable Law and Our Governing Documents

We commit ourselves first and foremost to complying with the laws that govern our employment and business activities, and our bylaws and articles of incorporation that are the foundation of our standing as a non-profit organization.

We maintain and uphold strict compliance and have established separate policies relating to assuring an environment guided by respect for anti-trust principles in all aspects of working with members.

We have the highest expectations of DTF employees as representatives of the organization and its members and have established additional codes of conduct and behavior governing employees and our operations.

Personal and Professional Integrity

DTF staff and members shall act with honesty, integrity and openness in all their dealings as representatives of the organization. DTF promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness and integrity.

Members are valued and respected. The Forum honors the trust and faith placed in it by members to carry out its mission. The Forum will carry out all of its work as an entrusted voice mindful that it represents the member companies that support it in both public and private settings.

We commit to full disclosure and proper reporting of our organizational and individual activities related to interacting with government and elected officials under the Lobbying Disclosure Act and other laws and reporting requirements at the federal and state level.

We are an open Forum for discussion. The Forum welcomes debate and discussion on diesel technology in all forums and venues. We maintain a public identity accessible to all on our website – www We maintain a public identity on many channels of social media, and respect these same principles and codes of conduct in these various Forums at all times.

We are guided by Science and Facts: The Forum is a scientific, fact-based organization. In all materials, presentations, website and other content, we produce and disseminate information that is based on sound science, engineering principles and analysis, government and/or university-based, source-cited research.

The Forum does not engage in spreading misinformation about competing fuels or technologies; including organizations representing other technologies. The Forum advances the understanding of clean diesel technology based on its benefits.

We are responsive. The Forum welcomes and respects inquiries of the government and media as well as individuals and other stakeholders. We maintain a responsive posture to these inquiries while at all times respecting other principles and codes of conduct.

We respect privacy. The Forum respects the privacy of those who it communicates with, including their wishes with regards to the frequency, nature and types of communication. The Forum maintains a privacy policy with full disclosure about the use of its website

The Forum respects the communication preferences of all of its audiences on all forms of individual or mass digital communication including the website as well as the distribution of electronic mail, and facilitates easy opt-out options and choices by the recipients.

Suppliers and Vendors

The Forum values the relationships and contributions of all our consultants, counselors, business partners, and service providers. We expect that they share these principles and will conduct their business according to these principles and codes of conduct.

We will evaluate current and prospective partners, suppliers and vendors for their ability to provide service to the organization under these shared principles on an ongoing basis. We expect that suppliers and vendors working for the Diesel Technology Forum maintain adherence to these ethical and codes of conduct in carrying out contracts, work or any representation of the Forum in public or private venues.

Code In Practice

Disclosures and Reporting

The Forum commits to initial and periodic notification and disclosure of its code of conduct to members and business partners, upon request, and in public venues such as the website and meetings of the membership.

Monitoring and Reporting of circumstances or incidents

The Forum periodically monitors compliance of its members, business partners and employees with these principles and codes. In the event of suspected deviation from this code, we expect prompt notification and full disclosure. Deviations from these codes of conduct may result in punitive actions up to and including termination of membership and the business relationship.

The Forum maintains and encourages an open door and a no retaliation policy for the reporting of any incident or circumstance regarding non-compliance with the code of conduct. Reporting will be kept confidential and should be made to the Executive Director and the legal counsel simultaneously and immediately upon discovery of such a potential violation.

Legal Counsel
H. Bryan Brewer, III

Crowell and Moring LLP
Washington, DC


Forum Management
Allen Schaeffer

Executive Director
Diesel Technology Forum
Frederick, MD