What is Clean Diesel?

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Diesel Drivers

Why Diesel?

Choosing a diesel engine option for your next SUV, pick-up truck or van is a great choice that delivers impressive fuel-economy, great driving range and performance without compromising towing or hauling capabilities. And, by using low-carbon renewable biodiesel fuels, you’ll be able to further lower your carbon footprint.

Why Diesel?

Diesel is the most energy-efficient internal combustion engine and provides a no-compromise vehicle choice of fuel efficiency, towing capabilities, driving range and on and off-road performance. Diesel is a proven and reliable technology that is widely available. Today’s diesel engines achieve near-zero emissions thanks to advanced engine and emissions control technology. Because diesel engines are typically designed and built more robust than a gasoline engine, they are and known for reliability, durability, and generally higher resale values.

Diesel fuel is widely available throughout the US, with nearly three-quarters of all fuel retailers including service stations and convenience stores now offering diesel. Diesel options are particularly suited for drivers preferring SUVs and pick-up trucks and those that drive more highway miles and/or haul heavier loads and/or tow on a regular basis.   

Today there are more than 30 choices for consumers, ranging from compact half-ton, full size and heavy-duty pick-up trucks and both passenger and work vans and a range of SUVs and typically achieve a 20-35% better fuel economy compared to similar gasoline-powered vehicles. For example the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 full-size pick up truck achieves an EPA rated 33 mpg highway

Renewable Biodiesel Fuel Compatible

Choosing diesel also enables consumers the opportunity to go farther in reducing greenhouse gas and other emissions by filling up with low-carbon renewable biodiesel fuels. All available diesel models are compatible with blends of up to 20% high-quality renewable biodiesel fuels (and 80% regular petroleum diesel). In 2021, more than 3 billion gallons of biodiesel fuels were produced in the US. These high-quality diesel replacement fuels are available at a number of locations nationwide and growing.


Diesel Drivers Overview

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