What is Clean Diesel?

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November 20, 2015   |   Diesel Technology Forum


Clean Diesel Power: Meeting the Climate Challenge for COP21 and Beyond

As leaders from around the world convene in Paris at the upcoming COP21, they will be seeking solutions to feed a growing population, enhance economic development and opportunity, enhance personal mobility, all while taking measurable steps toward lower greenhouse gas emissions and a more sustainable future.  

Diesel engines have always been the workhorse of the global economy and today, diesel engines and fuel move the overwhelming majority of people and goods across the world and are also found hard at work improving infrastructure and performing work on farms. Thanks to decades of innovation and continual refinement, diesel technology is recognized as a needed component to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cool a warming planet.

This global Forum in advance of COP21 provided a framework for understanding current and future technology innovation and the wide range of issues and opportunities impacting diesel technology, and why and how clean diesel will be a key strategy for meeting the future challenges.

Global Webcast: Clean Diesel Power: Meeting the Climate Challenge for COP21 and Beyond



Date: Held November 24, 2015
Time: Past Event
Location: Webcast

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