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September 09, 2013   |   Diesel Technology Forum


Webinar: Preserving Public Safety: Role of Backup Generators in Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief and Recovery

Diesel-powered generators can save lives during a power crisis. Interruptions of electrical power - even of short duration - create situations that could imperil public health and safety. Blackouts also wreak havoc for businesses and create significant inconveniences for individuals. Emergency generators must be able to provide reliable, immediate and full strength electric power when there is a failure of the primary power supply system.

Full scale natural weather-related disasters in 2012 called attention to the vulnerability of the nation's electrical grid and the importance of continuous electrical power.

Superstorm Sandy that slammed the Mid-Atlantic region and micro-weather events and ice storms that downed trees and power lines in New England and Washington DC, cut off power to hundreds of thousands of people and businesses for days. These have provided unique insights into the importance of emergency backup power as part of local, state and federal emergency preparedness, response and recovery. 

This free webinar provided a basic understanding of the issues surrounding the use of emergency backup power systems, technology and fuel choices, operating conditions and case studies. 

Who should attend? Federal state and local policymakers, elected officials, Emergency planners, building owners and operators and engineers, business owners, insurance providers. 

What will this webinar address? 
• What technologies are available to provide emergency backup electrical power?
• What are the differences between technologies?
• What are the limitations on use of each of these technologies?
• What are lessons learned in placement and use of backup generators?

Watch a recording of the webinar.  


Date: Sep 27, 2013
01:30 PM

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