What is Clean Diesel?

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Press Releases in Hindi and diesel news related to India.

There is no debate about whether air quality in countries like India must improve; it must. Cleaner air will be good for India's environment, economy and its people. We should look toward areas where we can aspire for to clean air solutions that have already been proven out, such as with clean diesel in the United States. Both the U.S. and India want to achieve cleaner air through reducing emissions without impacting mobility or economic opportunity. At the same time, reducing greenhouse gas emissions to address global climate change is a new priority. Addressing these future challenges today requires investments in a range of technologies - ones that are near zero emissions, can use low-carbon renewable fuels, and are available and affordable. New technology clean diesel engines are one of the few that can meet all these requirements and must be a key part of the solution for India.

Additional Diesel News Related to India

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