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Decarbonization is Still a Team Sport

    Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs! Did you catch the Super Bowl, too? Along with the nail-biter of a game, and Rihanna’s awesome half-time show, we were treated to a number of memorable commercials for electric vehicles (EVs) from DTF members General Motors (GM) and Stellantis. Check them out below.

    You might be wondering why we’re celebrating these EV commercials in this blog right now. The answer is simple. We’re all on the same decarbonization team. Yes, that’s right. These EV’s offer new, exciting, options for consumers. Of course, both GM and Stellantis also offer advanced fuel-efficient diesel options, too. And those can even run on advanced renewable biodiesel fuels.

    As our Executive Director Allen Schaeffer says, “If we want to get working on decarbonizing transportation as soon as possible, we need a mix of options available as soon as possible, and thoughtful government policies to match.”

    In fact, Allen wrote about this last winter in the Policy Insider Blog Decarbonization is a Team Sport. Please take a look and give it some thought.

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