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April 13, 2016   |   Diesel Technology Forum

Press Release

Future, Technology Unveiled at Global Equipment Expo: Both Powered by Clean Diesel

Munich, Germany - Advanced innovations and impressive engineering achievements in all shapes and sizes of equipment are on display at the world’s largest construction equipment exposition – bauma 2016 - in Munich.  The expo features the workhorses of the construction, mining and earth moving industries.

“This expo puts on display the most advanced tools of work, of building and growing economies.  From the largest mining trucks to the smallest engines and compact machines, one thing they nearly all have in common is that under the hood you’ll find a state of the art clean diesel engine,” said Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum

The diesel engine that powers nearly all off-road equipment has undergone a complete transformation to near-zero emissions meeting new stringent U.S. and European standards.

“Many of the engines and equipment on display meet and exceed these clean standards,” said Schaeffer.  “Several manufacturers have already announced compliance with the even more stringent Stage V standards that kick-in for engines manufactured beginning in 2019.”

The Stage V standards couple near-zero requirements for emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) with closer to zero standards for particulate matter (PM).

Signals from Governments Are to Ensure Full Emissions Compliance and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

“There is great anticipation at bauma 2016 for improving market and economic conditions in the construction and mining sectors all around the world so that the benefits of these new more efficient and cleaner technologies can be fully realized,” Schaeffer said.  “Today, signals from governments are to ensure full emissions compliance and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Customers have the expectation of greater performance and more fuel efficiency for their new equipment.  Today, manufacturers of clean diesel technology completely satisfy both demands and more. 

“What we’re seeing this year are advancements in three key areas:  enhancements of existing technologies to achieve incremental gains in performance, efficiency, emissions reduction and/or packaging; demonstration of new clean diesel technology designed to meet the 2019 emissions standards (Stage V) in Europe; and the increasing role of systems integration and big data, how manufacturers are using new data capabilities to integrate the work, the jobsite and machine operation.

“Equipment on display couples advanced clean diesel systems with next generation productivity and fuel savings capabilities. Continuing adoption of hybrid and energy storage systems, where diesel engines act like electrical generators, running in steady-state modes for fuel efficiency is also a trend here.  Also standing out are the incredible advances in next generation telemetry and big data gathering electronics,” said Schaeffer. “It’s all about doing more work with less fuel and these clean diesel technologies also happen to virtually eliminate emissions that benefit us all.” 

Diesel Engines and Fuel Power the Global Economy

“The energy density of diesel fuel and the inherent efficiency of the diesel engine to convert this energy into work, explains why 15 sectors of the global economy depend on diesel,” said Schaeffer. “Equipment on display by industry innovators and leaders including AGCO, Bosch, Caterpillar, Cummins, Deere MTU, CNH, Volvo and Yanmar demonstrate the capability to meet the commercial demands of customers along with improved environmental performance that will keep clean diesel in the driver’s seat of the global economy for decades to come.”

 Highlights of the Expo Include:

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