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January 10, 2022   |   Diesel Technology Forum

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Currencies of the Future

Mobility, connectivity, and autonomy are currencies of the future and it so happens that today’s global leaders in advanced diesel engines and technology are also leading the way to the future

If it’s January it must be time for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that kicks off the new year with a glimpse of a wide range of advanced technologies promising to change our lives, and 2022 was no exception. Mobility, connectivity, and autonomy are currencies of the future. It so happens that today’s global leaders in advanced diesel engines and technology are also leading the way to the future, and some were talking about it at CES.

The prospect of autonomous/self-driving passenger and even heavy-duty vehicles has been getting closer in the last decade. GM’s Cruise division’s autonomous ride sharing company is the most visible example, testing vehicles on the streets of San Francisco today while awaiting final permits for in-revenue service.

JD LogoBeyond the streets, autonomous vehicles are coming to a farm field too. At CES 2022, John Deere unveiled a fully autonomous tractor to help meet the challenges of reduced workforces and increasing demand to feed a growing world. The John Deere 8R tractor combines technology that is already in today’s tractors – like GPS navigation and smart implements – with new technology like eight pairs of stereo cameras all controlled by a mobile device. It is also powered by a 400 hp diesel engine. The unit is optimized to tend to large acreage, boosting productivity for farmers.

Bosch LogoThe same companies that are leaders in advanced diesel technologies today are leading the way to the future. Bosch – a leader in advanced technology in many consumer, health and automotive sectors including electrification, self-driving vehicles and advanced combustion technologies – highlighted its accomplishment of achieving carbon neutral status by 2020 and its broader commitment to sustainability.    

GM New LogoGeneral Motors (GM) brands Chevrolet and GMC 2021 sales cemented the company’s eighth consecutive year of combined full-size and midsize pickup sales leadership, second consecutive year as the full-size pickup sales leader and its 21st consecutive year as the market leader in full-size SUVs. GM also leads in the number of advanced diesel options available for consumers today in SUVs, compact and full-size pickup trucks. GM used CES as an occasion to introduce an all-electric Chevrolet Silverado coming in 2023. GM CEO Mary Barra’s CES keynote showcased GM’s commitments to zero emissions, zero crashes and zero congestion and the Exhibit Zero: The Ultium Effect. GM also announced a commitment to offer all electric heavy-duty vehicles by 2035, and its new Ultium™ platform opportunities to power locomotives, aircraft and even boating applications in the future.  

News coverage and events flowing out of CES are great reminders of the pace and diversity of how technology is changing our world, beyond just “cool” and entertaining, to truly improving our lives, positively impacting our environment, and enhancing our social well-being. And increasingly it is doing so with a focus on tackling climate change, one of the greatest challenges of our time. CES reminds us that change for the future is happening fast, but after that week of media buzz, it is back to ensuring that today’s everyday needs are met in the most efficient, practical and available way possible. It is also why advanced diesel technology keeps evolving and improving to reduce emissions today helping to advance us all toward that future, whatever it might be.


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