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October 19, 2021   |   Diesel Technology Forum

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Do You Have the Right Insurance Against An Electrical Grid Outage?

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Diesel generators are necessary to maintain the electrical system and mitigate the potentially disastrous effects of outages.

Electricity powers nearly every aspect of modern living at home, at work, in how we communicate and connect. We take it for granted that it's always going to be there. If you’re in an airport and your cellphone battery is on red alert at one percent charge, you are looking for an outlet to plug into. But if you are in California or New York there have been recent times when electricity from the grid is unavailable or at risk, either not available from wildfire-induced grid shutdowns or demand exceeding supply resulting in brownouts or blackouts.

Now, increasingly we are putting even more reliance on electricity for the future, as most passenger vehicles and some commercial trucks are expected to be powered by electricity. Whether or not the grid can handle it has been the subject of a recent story by Will Englund in the Washington Post:  

“Converting the nation’s fleet of automobiles and trucks to electric power is a critical piece of the battle against climate change. The Biden administration wants to see them account for half of all sales by 2030, and New York state has enacted a ban on the sale of internal combustion cars and trucks starting in 2035.

"But making America’s cars go electric is no longer primarily a story about building the cars. Against this ambitious backdrop, America’s electric grid will be sorely challenged by the need to deliver clean power to those cars. Today, though, it barely functions in times of ordinary stress, and fails altogether too often for comfort, as widespread blackouts in California, Texas, Louisiana and elsewhere have shown.”

The best insurance policy against electrical grid supply disruptions is having your own backup electrical supply, such as a diesel generator. Data centers, residence owners, manufacturing and healthcare facilities, and critical government services have all invested in diesel backup generators as insurance to protect against economic and other losses that routinely occur from grid instability. Read more about our point of view as California struggles to rectify its transportation and energy policy with grid realities: Diesel generators are necessary to maintain the electrical system and mitigate the potentially disastrous effects of outages.


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