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December 03, 2019   |   Diesel Technology Forum

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From Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday, Diesel Delivers More Holiday Gifts with Fewer Emissions

The latest diesel technologies are delivering more holiday gifts with fewer emissions than ever before.

Holiday sales are expected to hit another record this year. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend $730 billion, about the same as the entire economic output of the 18th largest economy in the world – Saudi Arabia – an amount that even exceeds the GDP generated by one of the wealthiest countries, Switzerland. One out of every four holiday gift dollars will be spent online, with over $7.6B on “Black Friday” alone, with Cyber Monday expected to see 20 percent gains over last year. 

What does it take to deliver your gifts from the factory floor to the floor under the big tree? A lot. An extensive global goods movement network of trucks, trains, ships and planes moves that $730 billion U.S. wish list of items, the majority of which are manufactured overseas, particularly in China where half of all U.S. apparel is made, along with the iconic Barbie doll that tops this year’s kids wish list along with Legos.

From overseas manufacturing hubs, ships, trucks and trains move the bulk of the freight for this season’s holiday packages with reliable and increasingly cleaner and more efficient diesel technology. Just about every locomotive that moves holiday goods across the country is powered by diesel, while three out of every four trucks that deliver these goods from warehouses to stores, and even directly to your house, is diesel.  

The latest diesel technologies are delivering more holiday gifts with fewer emissions than ever before.  On the road today 43 percent of all commercial trucks, from package delivery size trucks up to tractor-trailers, are now powered by the newest generation of clean diesel technology that is near zero for emissions and more fuel efficient. 

In fact, these trucks are so clean that it would take 60 of today’s 2019 trucks to equal the emissions generated by a single 1988 model truck. 

The emissions and fuel savings attributable to new-generation diesel engines in commercial trucks is astounding: they equate to making 26 million cars all-electric, eliminating the PM emissions from all U.S. cars for 33 years, achieving carbon sequestration in a forest roughly the size of Texas, or creating a 27,000-turbine wind farm on land four times the size of Washington, D.C. – all benefits achieved thanks to the increasing adoption of the newest generation of advanced diesel engines.

When you hear that knock on the door and a holiday package is dropped off, know that diesel technology had a major role to play in making this 2019 holiday gift-giving season a success.

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