What is Clean Diesel?

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August 27, 2021   |   Automotive World (United Kingdom)


Industry pursues incremental gains for diesel engines

Experts believe there are still plenty of opportunities to make additional improvements, from systems that control how fuel and air is delivered right through to electrified components.

“Is the diesel engine still king for heavy-duty long-haul transportation? Yes, we believe so for quite some time - measured in decades,” says Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Maryland-based Diesel Technology Forum. Not only does it remain “the most energy efficient ICE” but it also boasts superior power density,durability and reliability, he says.

“The technology for heavy-duty diesel engines has certainly not reached its peak,”agrees Steve Whelan, Global Development and Application Centre Leader atengineering consultancy Horiba Mira. “There are well-known technologies that can be deployed to improve both regulated emissions and effi ciency.”

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