What is Clean Diesel?

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August 21, 2020   |  


Webinar explores diesel’s green potential

Does diesel have a green future? Yes, according to some of the companies involved in developing new technologies.

Diesel is still the primary fuel choice for the trucking industry, and advocates have been pointing out recent scientific advances that made it much cleaner.

At a webinar hosted by the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) on Thursday, executives from Bosch, Tenneco and Umicore showcased some of the tools they believe will help achieve even lower emissions and greater efficiency.

DTF executive director Allen Schaeffer said the road map to the future for diesel technology has four segments.

“First, the emissions getting closer to zero. Second, increasing energy efficiency of diesel. Third, an expanded use of renewable flows, and then finally, hybridization where possible,” he said.

Tenneco, a leading manufacturer of clean air and powertrain products, is developing new engine components that it said will help reduce friction and improve fuel economy.


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