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July 15, 2021   |  


What is a farm truck?

Sometimes simple questions are the hardest to answer, like what is a farm truck (FT)? Is that any truck on a farm property? Is it a pickup truck? Can it be an SUV? A semi-tractor trailer? A flatbed with a fifth wheel? Is it just in the eye of the beholder? It’s not as simple as that, of course.

An FT designation is a legal one that both the federal and state levels dictate exact qualifications for. There are also a range of exemptions for different
commodities (livestock, grain, logs and on and on …) and that list is a mile long and changing often, best viewed online (ops.fhwa.dot.gov/freight/policy/rpt_congress/truck_sw_laws/app_a.htm). And that is not to mention the special exemptions that arise where governors can issue emergency orders or declarations that modify operating conditions or other requirements, providing special waivers to address unique situations – like extreme weather events or the need for waivers of hours-of-service for CDL drivers to address other unique economic or supply circumstances.

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