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May 09, 2017   |   Diesel Technology Forum


Making the Most of the VW Settlement in Florida: More Clean Air for the Dollar

Learn how to maximize the clean air benefits from the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust with clean diesel engines, and the vehicles and equipment they power.

The Environmental Mitigation Trust included in the VW settlement represents an upcoming and historic opportunity for Florida to help improve air quality. Florida will receive $166 million in Trust revenue for the upgrading or replacement of older commercial vehicles and off-road equipment specifically for the purpose of reducing NOx emissions.

How can these dollars best be used? Switching to electric vehicles? Targeting the oldest or the largest sources of emissions? Marine and locomotives or commercial trucks? What actually is the population of commercial trucks in Florida?

Our webinar discussed the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust and which strategies and technology choices maximize the clean air benefits from the Trust.

Diesel Technology Forum representatives presented recent research summarizing cost effective technology solutions to meet the NOx mitigation goals of the Environmental Mitigation Trust. Engine, vehicle and equipment manufacturers were on hand to answer questions regarding the technology availability and readiness.

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