What is Clean Diesel?

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May 21, 2021   |   Diesel Technology Forum


More New Diesel Trucks on the Road = More Clean Air & Climate Benefits

Get the latest data on advanced truck technologies that deliver the goods AND clean air benefits NOW!

Despite a global pandemic, America’s truck operators expanded their fleets generating big environmental benefits. Nearly half of all diesel commercial vehicles on the road come with the latest near-zero emission controls that also save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While we wait for a zero-emissions future, expanding the fleet of fuel sipping near-zero emissions diesel trucks can do quite a lot to generate clean air benefits for environmental justice communities and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that benefit us all.

The Diesel Technology Forum released the findings of recent research that estimates the clean air and climate benefits from new technology diesel trucks on the road across the country and in select states. Research findings also compared the benefits of the adoption of low-cost clean biobased diesel fuels relative to the advance of zero-emissions solutions.

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Nearly Half of U.S. Commercial Trucks Now Powered by Near-Zero Emissions Diesel Technology, Delivering Climate and Clean Air Benefits

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