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October 08, 2019   |   Diesel Technology Forum


New Insights on the U.S. Commercial Truck Fleet

Which fuels dominate, which states are in the lead adopting new technology, what are the benefits?

The Diesel Technology Forum and researchers from IHS Markit discussed new data and insights on the fuel and technology choices that make up the U.S. commercial trucking fleet including the benefits to the American consumer and the emissions reductions and fuel efficiency benefits achieved by the latest generation of heavy-duty trucks.

Attendees heard about the clean air and fuel savings benefits realized by the current heavy-duty truck fleet and how they are expected to grow by 2030. A state by state analysis of which states are leading in the adoption of the latest generation of heavy-duty trucks was also shared.

Speakers included:

Allen Schaeffer - Diesel Technology Forum - New Insights on the U.S. Commercial Truck Fleet
Casey Selecman - IHS Markit - 2019 Diesel Benefits Research


Read the press release - 43 Percent of U.S. Commercial Trucks Now Powered by Newest-Generation Near-Zero Emissions Diesel Technology, Delivering Significant Emissions Reductions and Fuel Savings

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