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September 19, 2014   |   Diesel Technology Forum


Technical Options and Policy Solutions for Maintaining Continuous Electrical Power During Loss of Grid Power

Learn about the latest technologies available to provide emergency backup electrical power when weather-related disasters occur.

Emergency backup electrical generators can save lives during an emergency. Interruptions of electrical power, even of short duration, create situations that could imperil public health and safety. Blackouts also wreak havoc for businesses and create significant inconveniences for individuals. Emergency generators must be able to provide reliable, immediate and full strength electric power when there is a failure of the primary power supply system.

From hurricanes, floods, mud slides, to wild fires and tornadoes, frequent weather-related disasters call attention to the vulnerability of the nation's electrical grid and the importance of continuous electrical power. Weather events, both large and small, cut off power to hundreds of thousands of people and businesses for days exposing the importance of emergency backup power as part of local, state and federal emergency preparedness, response and recovery.

This webinar provided a basic understanding of the issues surrounding the use of emergency backup power systems, technology and fuel choices, operating conditions and incentives to provide critical electrical power. You can download each speaker's presentation below.  

Importance of Emergency Standby Power for Emergency Preparedness and Response & Generator Technology Brief
(Allen Schaeffer, Diesel Technology Forum)

Diesel Technologies Offered in Emergency Standby Applications (Jason Kitchel, Caterpillar)

Overview of State Incentives Provided for Emergency Power Generation (Ezra Finkin, Diesel Technology Forum)

Case Study: Fuel Up Maryland (Mike Jones, Maryland Energy Administration)


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