Best Strategies to Reduce Emissions from Medium/Heavy-Duty Vehicle Fleets in Northeast US: Accelerate Turnover, Electrify, or Use Renewable and Biodiesel Fuels?


    This event looked at a comparison of the environmental benefits attainable with advanced technology diesel engines in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles fueled with bio- and renewable fuels and comparable electric vehicles in 10 Northeastern states. 

    The next 10 years are the decade of opportunity whereby accelerating turnover of existing fleets to advanced diesel technology, and using more renewable and biodiesel fuels, will deliver substantially more greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and other emissions benefits at far lower cost than emerging zero emissions vehicles. 

    This event presented new research by Stillwater Associates for the Diesel Technology Forum that compared these different fuels and strategies for reducing GHG and other emissions in the Northeast and beyond. 

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