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What is the Future for Internal Combustion Engines & Fuels in a Reduced Carbon World?


    Amidst the growing shift to electrification of the transportation sector and other segments of the economy, internal combustion engines (ICE), those that run on gasoline, diesel, or natural gas, remain the mainstay of motive power today. Engines and their components have evolved over the last two decades to use less fuel and generate fewer emissions in millions of cars, trucks, and equipment. 

    Low carbon, renewable, and e-fuels promise to bring near-term reductions in greenhouse gas and other emissions from the vast population of internal combustion engines. What is the outlook for these fuels and how can they contribute to the progress toward climate change goals and cleaner air?

    This virtual event explored the future for ICE from a broad policy, technology, and consumer perspective from leaders in engine technology, vehicle and equipment OEMs, fuel producers, and global consultancies.

    Participants included:

    • Dr. Cathy Choi, Executive Director, Cummins
    • Pierre Guyot, Senior Vice President, John Deere Power Systems
    • Matt Leuck, Technical Manager, Renewable Road Transportation, Neste
    • Dr. John Pinson, CEO, Stanadyne
    • Adam Schubert, Senior Associate, Stillwater Associates
    • Troy Kantola, Engineering Director, Plant Manager, Plymouth & Ann Arbor Technical Centers, Tenneco

    Keynote speaker: